Jimmy Hernandez Marcelo

Ontology, socio-virtual objects and new social identities

After the theorization of sphere of social objects (Documentality) it arises a world of objects that have emerged from the interaction between these objects and technology, the result of which is a new field of objects, the socio-virtual objects and their theory is Documediality (ontology of socio-virtual objects).

The fundamental difference with social objects is their ubiquity. Even though social objects are not physical; however, their registrations were always located in space and time. The technologized social objects are where there is an Internet connection. This means that they are practically everywhere and available for any subject. For this reason, they are called socio-virtual objects. The subjects interact with these new objects and the exercise of their freedom develops in terms of techno-freedom and their identity as a numerical identity (ID-entity). Insegnamento: Philosophy of Technology.

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